Do you know anybody in need of a helping hand? Nominate them!

We are launching the charity project "On the Wave of Solidarity" once again. This time we have also invited the city of Vyškov to cooperate. The aim of the event is to identify the citizens in need of help in the South Moravian Region and provide financial assistance to selected ones. Anyone from the Vyškov public can submit the proposal of a specific person.
This charity event has been running for the second year under the motto "On the wave of solidarity". While last year only STAEG employees nominated their acquaintances, friends or relatives in need, this year it can be any Vyškov citizen. "Every year, our company supports several dozen of charity events, whether in the region or in the Czech Republic. It is important for us that these are specific projects and that the finances are donated adequately, "said Sylva Macháčková, Directress of STAEG.

Last year, two women received a total of 140,000 CZK. After many years of oncological treatment, Stela Ambrosová undergoes lifelong hormonal therapy, which brings fatigue, various limitations, but also large expenses. The money from the project allows her to continue her studies at a private school, where she can set up an individual study plan. Růžena Valenčíková has suffered from multiple sclerosis for many years. Her ability to move is gradually deteriorating. She could afford to buy an electric wheelchair with the money she gained.
"There are a lot of people in need of financial help and we don't know about them. We therefore hope that the citizens of Vyškov will help us identify the neediest in our region," said the mayor Karel Jurka. Suggestions and stories of the particular people can be sent until the end of March. After that, an independent jury composed of representatives of the STAEG Company, representatives of the city and significant personalities of Vyškov will meet. The amount of the donated money and the number of people among whom it will be divided this year is not yet given. "We will decide on the basis of the particular stories and nominees," explained the directress of STAEG.

Who can I nominate?

It can be anyone in your surroundings. A work colleague, a neighbor, a friend or even an institution. The condition is that the financial assistance goes to our region, i.e. to the South Moravian Region.

How to proceed?

Write a specific story of the person, describe what the money will be used for and how much the specific person should be supported, including the contacts of yourself and the potential sponsored person. Everything needs to be addressed to a specially established email: [obfuscate_1_|114|102|100|98|100|96|105|97|109|97|63|106|108|90|101|102|37|91|115]

March 31, 2020

we will close the box and the seven-member jury will evaluate the submitted stories. We will then hand over the corresponding financial check to the selected people during a ceremony - about a month after the deadline.