Technical Facility Management

It is a comprehensive management of the building, i.e. daily protection, cleaning, technical revisions, services and audits. The STAEG Facility team has set standards in order to increase the value of our customers' real estate within each management. Thanks to the careful management of the entrusted building or area we are able to extend the life cycle of the property and save operational means. We master the technical equipment of buildings perfectly including modern technologies. We can discover the most efficient and cost-effective solutions also through regular preventive inspections and revisions.

Our team is available 24/7. The client is always provided with a hotline to the manager of the technical FM through which we guarantee remote management of the equipment or departure to emergency interventions at an agreed time. As a part of our services we take over negotiations with suppliers and solve all warranty and post-warranty repairs. All activities are planned, evaluated and reported by specialized software - the client has a perfect overview of the developed activities at any time (or from anywhere).

Administrative Facility Management

The main issues are office activities conducted with tenants and suppliers of the managed property. The administrative FM covers measurable outputs of technical, energy and infrastructural facility management - for example statements, contract documentation, insurance or invoicing.

In case of some of our clients the administrative FM is a part of the administrative management of the building for the company that owns the property. These services may therefore include complete tax advice and accounting similar to legal services or waste management.

We regularly prepare operating and safety regulations for buildings including their updating and fire protection. We emphasise the security of all data, including checking the security of real estate and managed companies against information leaks and hacker attacks.

Infrastructural Facility Management

Our most visible service. It covers all operations and organization of life in the managed property. Trained staff is the first contact for employees and visitors of the building or complex. The staff supports them and creates the most suitable conditions for their work.

All components of the infrastructural FM come under the management of one manager who is also the contact person for the owner of the managed property. One of the main competitive advantages of the STAEG facility is a well-coordinated team of professionals who are constantly being educated and participate in the smooth operation of all managed properties.

Infrastructural management mainly includes the following services:
  • Security, including security of all relevant technologies
  • Complete cleaning of indoor and outdoor areas
  • Operation of keys, cards or gateways
  • Garage or parking lots operation and care for clients' fleet
  • Reception services, postal services and call center
  • Stock management and continuous supply, interior care
  • Waste management

Energy Management

The energy balance of the properties has become a subject of interest of the European Union and national governments. They are interested in the most economical and saving operation of the properties. That is also why our company is able to save significant financial volumes for owners of all types of buildings.

Our teams can take care of the energy management of any property - from the most advantageous management or integration of modern technologies (e.g. heat pumps or heat recovery units) to obtaining energy labels or certification of so-called green buildings. We offer special services to state administration and self-government bodies so that the energy management is in accordance with their long-term strategies or regulations.

All activities are planned, evaluated and reported by specialized software - the client has a perfect overview of the developed activities at any time and from anywhere.

Property Management

We are one of the leading companies in the field easily commanding property management. That is a complex of administrative, economic and business processes related to the ownership of the client's property. These services are:

Services related to commercial use of buildings
  • double-entry bookkeeping, invoicing, debiting, checking the timeliness of payments, issuing reminders
  • contract management, keeping a list of owners / tenants, business record keeping
  • management of vacant commercial premises and buildings, calculation of operating costs and compliance with the approved financial plan
  • settlement of overpayments and underpayments from the billing of services
  • control and payment of supplier invoices
  • economic and tax consultancy